Follow the instructions below to upload your pass certificates.

Step 1 (for Pass Designer users)

Log in to the Pass Designer and generate a CSR containing your account details through the 'Certificates' tab of your 'My Account' page.

Click "Yes! Let's Do This" and a CSR file should start to download.

Step 1 (for CherryPie users)

If you are using CherryPie, log in and go to "Assets", "Certificates". Click "Download CSR" to download the CSR.

Step 2

Log in to your Apple Developer account and navigate to the account area. Click on "Certificates, Identifiers and Profiles".

Step 3

Create a new Pass Type ID.

Select "Pass Type IDs" and then click the + button at the top right of the list view. Enter the Description and Identifier. Your description should be something meaningful that will help you identify the certificate.

Identifiers are conventionally given in reverse domain format to ensure uniqueness. A certificate named greatstorecard for would have an identifier of However, your identifier can be anything, providing the first five characters are "pass." and it is unique.

Click on "Continue" to register the Pass Type ID, when done the Registration Complete confirmation, click on "Done" to finish the process.

Step 4

Configure your new Pass Type ID and generate your certificate.

After the previous step you will return to the Pass Type Identifiers list, your new Pass Type ID will be visible, click on the Pass Type ID to expand the view. Click on "Edit".

Click the "Create Certificate" button.

Click "Continue".

Choose the CSR file that you downloaded in Step 1 and click the "Generate" button

Step 5

When your certificate is generated you will see the "Your Certificate is Ready" page. Now, download your certificate by clicking "Download".

Step 6 (for Pass Designer users)

Upload your certificate to PassKit. Click the button to select your certificate (the pass.cer file generated in Step 5). It will automatically start uploading to PassKit.

Step 7 (for Pass Designer users)

Log out of your account to activate your certificate. When you return to the certificates page, you should see your certificate listed. When you return to the Pass Designer, you should also see your certificate in the Pass Certificate dropdown.

Step 8 (for CherryPie users)

Go back to the Certificates panel in CherryPie. Click on "Add Certificate". Enter a name for your certificate and drag and drop or select your certificate (the pass.cer file generated in Step 5) to upload. Click "Save".

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