This method has been quite popular and allows users redeem the passes themselves. At the redemption site (e.g. sales counter) the customer is given a code to put in to activate the redemption, similar to how a customer at a coffee store may be given the daily passcode to access the free wi-fi in-store.

This can be implemented by putting a link to the redemption page on the back of the customer’s pass. At the point of redemption the merchant can provide a code to the customer that he/she enters upon clicking the redemption link.

Illustrating by example, say a burger place issues a coupon that offers a free drink when buying a meal. When a pass holder goes to the location and is at the counter he/she can show the promotion on their mobile to the serving staff. The staff member will provide the code to the customer that they enter when they follow the link on the back of the pass. These codes could change daily or be based the promotion that is being redeemed.

There are two variations on the redemption links used:

1. You may choose to attach a unique URL to each pass that you distribute and the code given out at the location can be a universal one, like in the example stated above.

2. Distribute a universal URL with the passes and give out unique codes at the location. This can be used for events that need to show exclusivity and treat each user in a different way.

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