When you are first starting a campaign your customers may not have a good understanding of mobile wallet and how it is used, you can follow the best practices below to ensure a good response.

Make sure the language is understandable to the customer

'Pass' might not directly ring a bell with the customer. Try to use language they will understand, like 'Digital Membership Card' for example.

Add in a ‘Why’

Why is your company transitioning to Digital?

Add in customer benefits

What are the benefits for the customer if they use a Digital Membership Card.

Use Corporate Social Responsibility

This is massive and will position your brand as a brand that cares about the environment. This could be as little as a link to a page on the customer website explaining the CSR reason (i.e how much paper, plastic and oil are saved by digital delivery of XX million cards).

Use clear instructions to open the email and click the link from Mobile Device

Again this could be a link to a website, or an enhanced delivery page

Add a ‘How’

Make sure there are clear instructions for the process of adding the card to a Mobile Device. This could be a link to a website, in store communication or an enhanced delivery page

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