Each pass can contain a maximum of 10 locations. (note that this is an Apple Wallet constraint and not a PassKit constraint. If Apple increases this limit then of course PassKit will allow you to add more locations).

In cases where you have more than 10 stores you have to pick the best 10. There are a variety of ways to do this.

  • Create a number of different Pass Templates for the various groups of customers. i.e. For your rather than create one Pass Template for all your customers. You can create a Pass Template for your New York based customers and then copy the Template to create another one for your Florida based customers;
  • You could allow customers to add their favorite store or the stores they frequently visit. Or;
  • Like any other fields, the locations can be updated. A Pass could have very generic location information initially, and then replaced over time with relevant locations tailored specifically to your customer.
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