You can use the Pass Designer to make changes to a template then push that change to Passholders devices with a notification displayed on the device lock screen.

Points to note:

- Template updates can only be made to Fixed Fields. Dynamic fields are used to hold data specific to a single pass, so these are not updated with a template push so as not to overwrite specific data, like a stored value.

- In order for a customised notification to show on the lock screen, you must have entered one into the Notification field.

- You can only push one template update every 10 minutes.

Step 1.

Open the pass template you would like to update and navigate to the field to be changed.

Step 2.

Make the change to the field value. In my example below I have change the offer get a free cupcake from 50 to 25.

You will see the notification has been set to display "New offer - %@". This means the new field value will be displayed in place of the short code.

New offer - 25 points gets a free Cupcake

The new field value must be in the notification for the custom notification to display, otherwise a generic notification will be displayed.

Step 3.

When done, click to save the template. When saved you can click on the "Send Push" link to push the change to the pass holders devices.

When the update is complete you will see a message containing the number of devices updated.

And the user will see the update notification on their device lock screen.

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