Please ensure that location alerts are turned on on your device and that notifications are enabled for Apple Wallet. Also please check that GPS is switched on, and check that the GPS coordinates are correct. You can use the tool in the PassKit Portal or if you are at the location in which you want the lock screen message to pop up, then you can use this tool

Here is a few things you can try when location based message is not working.

  1. Try to register another location and see if your device receive the lock screen message. If your device receives the message at another location, the current location message might not be shown due to GPS. GPS isn't always very accurate and that might be the case.
  2. Try moving though the radius. The radius can be 100 meters or 1000 meters.  Moving through 100 meters radius or move out from 1000 meters radius once and come back to the radius can trigger location based message.
  3. Set the accurate location (full address rather than city/town address).
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