There are a number of ways you could do this:

  1. Your library visitors have "your library' app and you install our SDK (software development kit) into your app and then the app "wakes up" and makes an action (e.g. display a lock screen notification) which allows the visitors to swipe that notification and takes them inside the app where there is more information about the artwork.
  2. Your library visitors have their 'library card' installed in their wallet application (e.g. Apple Wallet on iOS or Android Pay on Android) and then when in proximity to the beacon they will receive a lock screen notification, where again they can swipe and be taken to the library card which then links to information (typically on a mobile website) about the pieces of artwork. (Please note you can create a library card at without any programming experience).
  3. Your library visitors use a Physical Web Browser (e,g. Google Chrome) to surf "things around them" and they will find the links to pieces of artwork, and upon swiping be taken to the relevant web asset (e.g. you may have a mobile website with information about each of the art work pieces).
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