There are a few ways in which you can integrate beacons in your business.

  1. Physical Web: Plug a beacon in and broadcast a URL (i.e. this could lead to your website, Facebook page, etc.). Note that this will require customers to have downloaded Google Chrome or a Physical Web Browser app.
  2. Passes: Issue digital membership cards/loyalty cards/coupons to your customers. Anyone who has your pass installed on their phone and are near a beacon will be able to see a lockscreen message. (You can easily create and distribute these digital assets using
  3. Apps: If you have your own app, you can integrate beacons into your app (by integrating our GemTot beacon SDK) and based on your customers' location, the app will show the relevant screen/content. This provides the ability to customize the experience much more.

Please note that your customers need to have something already installed on their phone to receive beacon messages/content from you. You won't be able to send messages to those that don't have either one of the above installed.

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