This depends on how much of the work you and your team want to do themselves and how much capacity / capability you/they have.

There are 4 steps to successfully deploying wallet content:

  1. Designing the program: If you intend to keep the loyalty ‘rules’ the same as with your current program, there is no work to be done here. But PassKit can provide solutions engineering services, as there may be some additional experiences you can deliver because now the membership card and/or coupon is digital.
  2. Designing the wallet content: The baseline design can be created with our online platform CherryPie ( without any coding knowledge. PassKit then maps this design to other wallet applications (each wallet application has slightly different formatting rules). PassKit can provide design advisory services and can design the Pass templates on your behalf.
  3. Integrating PassKit into your systems: You can choose (or we can advise) on the level of integration to your existing systems (e.g. staff management systems, email management software, CRM, redemption systems). This step typically takes IT resource with capability of integrating a RESTful API. Documentation is found here: If your IT staff do not have capacity or capability PassKit can provide sample code or, where appropriate, implement integration for you.
  4. Distributing Passes: You can choose to do this yourself via your existing distribution channels or use our services to distribute Passes via website, email, SMS, apps, social media or hardcopy channels.
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