• iBeacon allows Mobile Apps to listen for signals from beacons and react accordingly. AltBeacon works the same way.
  • Eddystone-URL is a beacon broadcast format that sends out a URL to a user’s device. This beacon signal can be picked up by either the Physical Web app, or the Google Chrome Widget, which appears in your notifications tab in iOS.
  • iBeacon is native only for iOS, but compatible for both iOS and Android.
  • Eddystone is Android and iOS compatible.
  • iBeacon broadcast one type of data and a unique ID number (UUID, Major and Minor numbers).
  • Eddystone broadcasts three different types of data: a unique ID number (Eddystone-UID), a URL address (Eddystone-URL), and Telemetry packet (Eddystone-TLM)
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