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Introduction to PassKit
Introduction to PassKit
Paul Tomes, CEO, presents PassKit at the Infiniti LAB demo day
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Paul Tomes, PassKit's Co-Founder and CEO, presents at the Infiniti LAB Demo Day in Hong Kong on 6 December 2018.

90% of transactions today happen offline
In a restaurant, in a shop, at an airport, in a car dealership.
And yet 94% of the time… the journey starts online
But there is no connected experience.
Sales staff don’t know your preferences any better after you’ve been online
You basically start from zero when you walk through the door
Well more apps are not the answer.
And PassKit is on a mission to get rid of this nonsense.

We enable brands to access applications that customers already have.
We are not a app.
We are not a loyalty company.
We are not an agency.
PassKit is a software service.
We are a single API with an enterprise grade infrastructure.

Thousands of business, from over 75 countries, use PassKit today.

Businesses ranging from mom and pop shops, to boutique cafes, like The Coffee Academics, to multi nationals like Heathrow Airport and Best Western Hotels.

All these companies have created convenient, engaging customer experiences without heavy infrastructure costs, delays and waste. They have real time usage data and they get to market within days as opposed to months.

PassKit has already issued over 250 million passes.
But that’s just the tip of the iceberg.
PassKit is on a mission to provide the power to all businesses to deliver connected - online to offline - customer experiences.

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