PassKit released the all new PassKit Platform in early 2020. This platform incorporates decades of experience designing, developing and implementing world class mobile wallet solutions for some of the biggest international brands. And at the same time, working with small businesses all over the world to help them access the cool capabilities of Apple Wallet and Google Pay passes. We have combined these rich learnings, proven best practices and ever growing knowledge, to deliver you the very best mobile wallet management platform. A platform where you can extend your mobile reach by quickly integrating Apple Wallet and Google Pay Passes into your business. Into your processes. Into your systems. And most importantly into your customer experience.

PassKit now delivers dedicated modules to solve your specific business use cases. No longer do you need to waste time learning about ‘passes’ language. No longer do you need to study mobile wallet terminology. You now work with Mobile Wallet API’s designed around your business processes; your language. A language you are already familiar with.




Follow the instructions below to upload your pass certificates.

Step 1.

Log in to CherryPie, select the appropriate Client Name in the top right and then click on Assets on the left hand side.

Step 2.

When you've navigating to the 'Certificates' screen click on '⤓Download CSR'. The CSR (Certificate Signing Request) will be downloaded to your computer. The format of the file is {longHexiDecimalNumber}.certSigningRequest.

Step 3.

Now log in to your Apple Developer account and navigate to the account area. Click on "Certificates, Identifiers and Profiles".

Step 4.

You will initially be presented with a list of all your certificates (if you already have certificates).  Click on 'Identifiers' on the left hand side of your screen.

Step 5.

When in the Identifiers screen, click on the blue plus button.

Step 6.

Now choose the 'Pass Type IDs' and click 'Continue'

Step 7.

Identifiers are conventionally given in reverse domain format to ensure uniqueness. A certificate named greatstorecard for would have an identifier of However, your identifier can be anything, providing the first five characters are "pass." and it is unique.

When you've entered your Pass Type ID Description and Identifier click on "Continue".

Step 8.

Check the information is correct and then click 'Register'.

Step 9.

You will now see the newly created identifier in your list. 

Double click on this new identifier to be able to edit the configuration. You will see the following screen and you can now click on 'Create Certificate'.

Step 10.

Click on 'Choose File' and then select the file you previously downloaded from CherryPie.

Step 11.

You can now download the certificate, by clicking on 'Download'. The filename will be pass.cer.  Please take note which folder the file is downloaded to, as you will need it in the next Step.

Step 12.

Switch back to CherryPie, in the 'Certificates' view you were previously and click on the button '+ Add a Certificate'.

In the pop up window click on the box to enter your certificate.  

And choose the file you downloaded in Step 11. 

Step 13.

Name this certificate, and give it a Description (optional). And then click 'Save'.

Step 14.

You will now see your certificate in the CherryPie interface that can be used for any of the campaigns for this Client.

** CherryPie is no longer maintained; other than critical security updates.

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