You can use CherryPie for free if you need less than 100 passes (pass records).

If you require more than 100 passes you can subscribe to one of our tiered pass volume plans.

Use the slider on this page to select the maximum number of pass records you need and you'll see how much you will be charged each month**. 

For example if you need approximately 900 passes, move the slider to the closest volume above 900 (in this case 1,000) and you'll see how much it costs per month.

As your volume rises, you'll see the 'price per pass' goes down.  The higher the volume the lower the price (per pass).  For example at the 50,000 passes tier it works out at less US$0.02 per pass per month. 

And that includes 24/7 access to CherryPie web application, the PassKit API and Bronze Tier support.

What's more you can upgrade, or downgrade, or cancel your subscription at any time.

How to subscribe to a plan?

To sign up to a plan please follow this instructions:

In the message share the following details:

  1. The email address you used on the secure payment form. We need this because you could use a different email address on the payment form to the email address you use in CherryPie. Do not share your credit card details in your message***
  2. The Volume Plan you wish to subscribe to (e.g. Tier E, up to 2,500 pass records for US$120 per month)
  3. Your PassKit API Key****. We need this to ensure that the pass volume quota is applied to the correct client account in CherryPie.


** For optional services you can refer to our latest rate card here:

*** PassKit uses Stripe to manage payments and subscriptions.  PassKit does not store you credit card details and we only ever see the last 4 digits of your card.  Please only use the secure, encrypted payment form to enter your credit card information.

**** If you are not sure where to find your API Key, you can refer to these instructions.

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