The PassKit PassReader app allows users to scan, view, and interact with customers' digital cards without custom integration software. You can redeem coupons, check members in or add and subtract points for a loyalty card without needing to employ a developer.

What we are looking for

We are looking for users to test the app and provide honest feedback about the functionality, design, and ease of use.

How to test

We recommend only testing the tasks that apply to your business / you are interested in. There is no minimum number of tasks you should complete.


Android users will be sent a link to download the app from the google play store.


iOS users will need to download the TestFlight app from the app store. With the app downloaded, you will receive a notification once the app has been published.


Use the same login that you have for There is no need to create another account for testing, we are looking for feedback on how the app functions at moment, user management will be included later on as a feature to the main web application.

Features Included

Single Scan

Scan the barcode of a digital pass and get taken to an interaction screen.

Batch Scan

Continuously perform a single action every time a pass is scanned.

Membership Features

  1. View Pass

  2. Update member information

  3. Validate

  4. Check-In / Check Out

  5. Earn Points

  6. Burn Points

  7. Set Points

  8. Change Tier

  9. Change Expiry

  10. View Event History

Coupon Features

  1. View Pass

  2. Validate

  3. Redeem

Where to provide feedback

If you are using iOS TestFlight you can provide feedback directly in the app. If you are using an Android device or do not want to use the TestFlight feedback system, we have created a form here:

Other Considerations

Showing your pass barcode

The scanning app is designed to scan real passes, since your phone can’t scan itself you will need to show your pass somewhere. Below are some ways to show a pass or barcode in the browser.

Safari: Visit a pass URL in safari and click the add to wallet button to show the pass in your browser.

Chrome: Visit a pass URL in chrome and click through the add to google pay button to show your pass in the browser.

Other browsers:

Copy the pass id of your card into the text of this page:

Membership Card Tasks


  1. Create a new test membership program

  2. Add at least one new Tier to the program

  3. Enroll a member with first name, last name, and expiration date

Single Scan Tasks

Scan Membership Card

Earn Points*

Burn Points*

Set Points*

Check-In / Check-Out*

Update Expiry Date

Change Member Tier*

Change First and Last Name

Verify Events in History

Items with * are tracked in your members’ event history

Batch Scan Tasks

Earn Points*

Burn Points*

Check-In / Check-Out*

Verify Events in History

Items with * are tracked in your members’ event history

Coupon Card Tasks

Pre Test

  1. Create a new coupon campaign

  2. Create new coupon

Single / Batch Scan Tasks

Scan Card

Redeem Card

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