Here are some details on the key differences between the default google pay design and the new open design.

The open design is an alternative layout for Google Pay passes available to everyone inside the PassKit portal. Open designs have many more configuration options than the original default design.

** If you have already switched to an open design, we don't recommend switching back to default. Most open design orientations are not supported in a default context. **

Making the switch

1. Multiple Rows

Open designs support multiple rows on the front of your pass.

Each row can have between 1 and 3 fields.

To create a new row, just drag a new field into the bottommost row.

2. Mix between links and data fields

You can place links anywhere in the details section of the google pay pass

3. Design Locks

Certain fields have aspects of their design that cannot be altered. There is no way for PassKit to alter these because they are imposed by Google Pay when the pass is installed. Below is a list of fields that have these design locks.

Loyalty / Membership

Points / Secondary Points

Fields that use the Google Pay Points/Secondary Points position will be shown in a horizontal format, with the value on the left and the label on the right.

If you want to change your existing points field to a vertical layout you can do so by selecting the field, clicking on "Show Advanced" at the bottom of the right-hand drawer, and selecting the "CONVERT TO TEXT FIELD" button.

**Please note: you may lose formatting options on your points field if you choose to convert it. Always test with a Draft program before going live.**


Details / Fine Print

Details and Fine Print fields have labels that are locked to Details and Disclaimer respectively.

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