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Known Formatting Issues in Google Wallet
Known Formatting Issues in Google Wallet
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The latest version of Google Wallet has introduced some issues for users trying to format their passes. This article shows known issues PassKit cannot resolve.

Line Breaks:

The latest Google Wallet version does not recognize line breaks in long text strings. For example, If I create a data field in the PassKit designer with a line break in the text like so:

Inside Google Wallet, the field looks like this

What can be done?

The best thing to do is reach out to Google Wallet directly and let them know the issues you are encountering. To reach out to Google Wallet, follow the steps below inside the Google Wallet App

First, click the profile icon in the top right

Click on the Help & feedback option from the menu

On the following screen, click the Send feedback option.

Finally, write a message to Google Wallet describing the issues you are seeing.

Example responses for issues:

Line Breaks

My passes textModuleData fields are not registering line breaks. Without line breaks my pass looks unappealing to my customers. This is a basic feature I would have expected Google to have. I don't see these kinds of issues with my Apple Wallet passes.

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