What are the different Pass types?

You can create transit tickets, store cards, coupons, membership cards, and event tickets using our Pass Designer. We also provide digital stamp card templates, along with other add ons. You can purchase these add ons here. 

1. Membership Card                    2. Stamp Card

3. Coupon                                    4.Business Card

5. Store Card                                6. Event Ticket

7. Transit Pass

1. Membership Card


A. Tiers Of Membership

Any field, colour or image can be updated on the Pass at any time. For example:

  • Update Membership Tiers
  • Change Pass Colour upon reaching a new Tier
  • Update Promotional offers when they upgrade memberships

You can choose to push an lock screen alert to the customer or update ‘silently'

B. Points Redemption of Membership Cards - Customers

C. Points Redemption of Membership Cards - Merchants

2. Stamp Card

Stamp Card Layout

A. How ChopPass Works - Customers

How ChopPass Works - Merchants

C. How to Redeem the ChopPass Reward

D. How to Reset The ChopPass

E. How to Invalidate the ChopPass

F. How to get a new Chop Pass and start over again?

3. Coupon

Coupon Layout

A. Coupon Redemption Process - Customers

B. Redemption Process - Merchants

4. Business Card

Business Card Layout

5. Store Card

Store Card Layout

6. Event Ticket

Event Ticket Layout

7. Transit

Transit Pass Layout

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