What 2D scanners are available?

There are two available 2D Scanning options; Using new model smart devices (iPad, iPhones, Android smartphones etc.) or a handheld scanner. 

1. Any smart device with an autofocus camera and a  scanning app  installed can be used as a “2D scanner”.  If you do not have a scanning app already installed, we recommend using the Manatee Works barcode scanner app available on both the Google Play store and the iOS App store. 

To redeem, open the installed scanning app, point the camera lens to the barcode or QR code on the customer’s pass. If you used PassKit’s standard redemption landing page (that can be setup through our Pass Designer), the app will  direct you to this redemption landing page. See section 4 for an example on what this will look like. Alternatively, you can integrate directly to your POS system or database via wired transmission. You can also choose to integrate over a wireless, secure connection.

2. The second type of 2D barcode scanner that you can use is a handheld scanner. If you were to choose this option, we recommend the Honeywell handheld scanner (e.g. Xenon 1900). These can also be setup wirelessly to send the information to either your database or POS  system, or can be directly plugged into a computer for redemption.


Which option is best for you?

Your choice to use a smart device that your staff carries around or have a wired handheld scanner that stays at the sales counter, depends on a number of factors including your sales environment, existing infrastructure, your intended customer experience and of course costs. The Apple store provides its sales staff with tablets to engage customers as they move around whereas other retailers prefer to integrate the mobile wallet technology into their existing fixed sales counters.

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