Why can't I change the position of my image or text?

The way in which different Pass types look is determined by Apple. The main constraints are the types and location of images that can be used and the number and location of the (text) fields. 

The Pass Designer will only allow you to input the correct images and text, depending on what Pass Type you choose.

Image Constraints

The Pass Type determines which images can be used  

Pass Type Authorized Images
Transport Icon, Logo, Footer 
Coupon Icon, Logo, Strip 
Store Card Icon, Logo, Strip 
Membership Icon, Logo, Thumbnail 
Event Ticket (with background image)  Icon, Logo, Background, Thumbnail 
Event Ticket (with strip image)  Icon, Logo, Strip 

Field Constraints 

The Pass Type determines the maximum number of fields that can appear on the front of a Pass. In general, pass can have: 

  • Up to 3 header fields 
  • 1 primary field 
  • Up to 4 secondary fields 
  • Up to 4 auxiliary fields. 

Specifically there are differences as summarised below: 

Pass Type Field Constraints
Transport Up to 2 primary field and Up to 5 Auxiliary Fields
Coupon Up to 4 secondary fields and 4 auxiliary fields 
Store Card Up to 4 secondary fields and 4 auxiliary fields 
Membership No auxiliary fields (when a square barcode) 
Event Ticket No auxiliary fields (with a background image) 

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