What image sizes should I use to optimise the look of the pass?

Apple has prescribed a certain size of image dependent on the Pass Type. 

PassKit automatically scales these images to fit within each allotted space, preserving aspect ratio, but are cropped if the aspect ratio is different than their allotted space. 

Pass Sizes 

Image Type  Position on the Pass  Other notes  iOS7 Minimum Size (pixels)  iOS6 Minimum Size (pixels) 
Background Image  Behind the entire front of the pass  Available on the Event Pass Type. The image is cropped slightly on all sides and blurred  360 x 440  360 x 440 
Footer Image  Above the barcode  Available on the Transport Pass Type only  572 x 30  572 x 30 
Icon Image  On the lock screen and by apps like Mail when showing an attached Pass  A shine is automatically applied to the icon for you  120 x 120  116 x 116 
Logo Image  Displayed in the top left corner of the Pass  In iOS6 the maximum width is 620 pixels and in iOS7 the maximum width is 320 pixels. In most cases it should be narrower. If you use the full 620 pixel width note you will not have room for any Logo Text, or Header fields.  350 x 100  620 x 100 
Strip Image  Displayed behind the Primary Fields  In iOS6 a shine effect is applied by default but you can turn this off in the Pass Designer. In iOS7 the shine effect is no longer supported.  Event Tickets: 640 x 168

Square Barcode: 640 x 220

All other cases: 640 x 246 
Event Tickets: 624 x 168

Square Barcode: 624 x 220

All other cases: 624 x 246 

Please note that your images do not have to be exactly these dimensions, as PassKit will automatically crop, scale and optimise them. However, please check in the Pass Designer that the images appear as you want them to. We also recommend that once you have saved your pass template you test the pass design in both iOS6 device and iOS7 device. 

IMPORTANT: If you upload images that are smaller in size than the dimensions above they will not appear sharp. We strongly recommend you do not use small images.

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