How close to a Beacon do I need to be for my smartphone to receive the broadcast?

Typically a beacon broadcast is "seen" (by a smart phone) around 30m away.  Some people claim it can be 70m away, but in our experience factors like smartphone case, walls, doors etc.. do make a difference so we recommend clients don't plan for more than a 30m distance from the beacon to the smartphone user. So if you have an installation that is bigger than 30m wide or long, we recommend you get more than 1 beacon.  For example, you could place beacons around the your installation around 30 metres apart from each other. That way, wherever the visitor is they will see the same message on their phone  and they can access the same URL (website) wherever they are standing (assuming in range of a beacon and using a Physical web browser, or have a Pass installed on their phone).

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