Apple and Google controls the size and location of images on passes. 

Images Fill Their Allotted Space

Depending on which pass type you are designing, here are the ideal sizes:

The pass layout allots a certain area on the front of the pass for each image. Images are scaled (preserving aspect ratio) to fill this allotted space. Images with a different aspect ratio than their allotted space are cropped after being scaled. The space allotted is as follows:

Apple Wallet Passes

  • The background image (only available on event type pass) is displayed behind the entire front of the pass. The expected dimensions are 540 x 660 pixels. The image is cropped slightly on all sides and blurred. Depending on the image, you can often provide an image at a smaller size and let it be scaled up, because the blur effect hides details. This lets you reduce the file size without a noticeable difference in the pass.
  • The footer image (only available on transport type pass) is displayed near the barcode. The allotted space is 858 x 45 pixels.
  • The icon (all pass types) is displayed when a pass is shown on the lock screen and by apps such as Mail when showing a pass attached to an email. The icon should measure 87 x 87 pixels.
  • The logo image (all pass types) is displayed in the top left corner of the pass, next to the logo text. The allotted space is 480 x 150 pixels; in most cases it should be narrower.
  • The strip image is displayed behind the primary fields:
  • On iPhone 6 and 6 Plus The allotted space is 1125 x 294 pixels for event tickets, 1125 x 432 pixels for gift cards and coupons, and 1125 x 369 in all other cases.
  • On prior hardware The allotted space is 960 x 252 pixels for event tickets, 960 x 330 pixels for other pass styles with a square barcode on devices with 3.5 inch screens, and 960 x 369 in all other cases.
  • The thumbnail image (on membership card type) displayed next to the fields on the front of the pass. The allotted space is 270 x 270 pixels. The aspect ratio should be in the range of 2:3 to 3:2, otherwise the image is cropped.

Google Pay Passes

  • The logo image (all pass types) is displayed in the top middle of the pass. The minimum size of the logo on the Google Pay pass is 660 x 660 pixels, but there should be a 15% margin on each side - as shown in the image below:
  • The recommended size for hero image size is 1032 x 336 pixels.

Please note that there is no need to make images bigger than the above dimension as this will not improve the sharpness / clarity.  The above sizes are the maximum and anything above this image size will increase the pass bundle size, which in turn will make it slower for a pass to be displayed on installed and take up more memory on the phone.

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