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What are the optimum image sizes?
What are the optimum image sizes?

Image sizes as specified by Apple and Google

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Watch this short video to see how to prepare your images for Apple Wallet and Google Pay passes.

Apple and Google controls the size and location of images on passes.

Images Fill Their Allotted Space

Depending on which pass type you are designing, here are the ideal sizes:

The pass layout allots a certain area on the front of the pass for each image. Images are scaled (preserving aspect ratio) to fill this allotted space. Images with a different aspect ratio than their allotted space are cropped after being scaled. The space allotted is as follows:

Apple Wallet Passes

  • The icon is displayed when a pass is shown on the lock screen and by apps such as Mail when showing a pass attached to an email. The icon should measure 87 pixels wide x 87 pixels high.

  • The logo image is displayed in the top left corner of the pass, next to the logo text. The allotted space is 480 pixels wide x 150 pixels high; in most cases it should be narrower.

  • The strip image (or hero image) is displayed beneath the logo and should measure 1125 pixels wide by 432 pixels high.

  • The thumbnail image (on membership card type) displayed next to the fields on the front of the pass. The allotted space is 270 pixels wide x 270 pixels high. The aspect ratio should be in the range of 2:3 to 3:2, otherwise the image is cropped.

Google Pay Passes

  • The logo image (all pass types) is displayed in the top middle of the pass. The minimum size of the logo on the Google Pay pass is 660 x 660 pixels, but there should be a 15% margin on each side - as shown in the image below:

  • The recommended size for hero image size is 1032 pixels wide x 336 pixels high.

Please note that there is no need to make images bigger than the above dimension as this will not improve the sharpness / clarity.  The above sizes are the maximum and anything above this image size will increase the pass bundle size, which in turn will make it slower for a pass to be displayed on installed and take up more memory on the phone.

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