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Introduction to designing passes
Introduction to designing passes
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You design a pass using the PassKit Portal or the PassKit API. You will choose a style - membership card, loyalty card, coupon, event ticket or boarding pass (API only). The style automatically determines how the pass looks and the details it shows, including the time window and the location radius relevance. The relevant time for a boarding pass is quite different from a movie ticket, so it's important to choose the correct style.

You can personalise passes with your logo, your images, your text and your links. And you have some flexibility to decide where you want certain fields to appear on the pass. But it's important to note that fonts and formatting are determined by Apple and Google. i.e. you can't change the font type or style, or the position of your logo or image, or the location of the barcode.

You should also make sure your passes are clear and optimised, and look great on all devices.

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