How to connect PassKit with other applications and data sources

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Introduction to integrating passes
Digital coupons without POS integrationLearn how to implement the PassKit customer initiated redemption solution for your digital coupons.
Using email or phone number as a unique IDHow to ensure your customers have a unique email address or phone number when they enroll
Displaying unique IDs on your passesHow to add and display unique identifiers on your pass and in the barcode.


Zapier is an online platform that helps automate workflows

Introduction to Zapier in the PassKit PortalCreate and Manage your Zaps without leaving the PassKit Portal
Use Zapier with your Membership/Loyalty ProgramsIntegrate your PassKit Membership and Loyalty Cards with other apps using Zapier
Use Zapier with your Coupon CampaignsIntegrate your PassKit Coupon Projects with other apps using Zapier
Use Zapier with your Event Ticket ProjectsIntegrate your PassKit Event Tickets with other apps using Zapier
Typical approach for creating automations with ZapierHow to connect and integrate PassKit with your other applications using Zapier
How to use Zapier TriggersFour PassKit triggers you can use for your membership and loyalty programs.
Change a member tier using ZapierLearn how to change the tier of a member through and integration with Zapier
Automate Membership pass creation, management and distribution with ZapierUsing Zapier to integrate PassKit with a third party app
How to catch webhooks in Zapier from PassKitSet up Zapier with PassKit using webhooks for real-time pass updates. Example shows how to automate tier upgrades.
How to use pre-built Zapier TemplatesLearn how to use pre-made Zap templates for PassKit integration with Zapier.
Zapier - Google Sheets to Enrol Member.Automate enrolling members from a new Google Sheets row
Zapier - Google Sheets to Issue CouponAutomate issuing coupons from a new Google Sheets row
Zapier - Google Sheets to Issue Ticket.Automate issuing tickets from a new Google Sheets row
Zapier - Issue Membership Card After PaymentIntegrate Shopify & PassKit using Zapier to automate membership card issuance after payment.