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Change a member tier using Zapier
Change a member tier using Zapier

Learn how to change the tier of a member through and integration with Zapier

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  • A Zapier Account

  • A PassKit Account

Setting up the Change Tier action

Important: To update the tier, you must have specific member information—either the PassKit Member Id or External Id along with the Program Id. These details can be acquired from the trigger or earlier steps, like Google Sheets integration or data captured via Webhooks by Zapier.

  1. Select the zap you wish to add the change tier step to and click add a step and select PassKit Membership.

  2. Choose the event "Change Tier" and click continue.

  3. Log in to your PassKit account through Zapier if you haven't got any existing Zaps with PassKit

  4. Enter the member details acquired in earlier steps. As indicated above, provide either the PassKit Id or External Id along with the Program Id and the new Tier Id. After entering these details.

  5. Click "Continue" to test the step and ensure the member's tier changes as intended

    If everything works as expected, you can publish the Zap to activate it and change the members tier automatically.

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