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How do I use my own enrolment form?
How do I use my own enrolment form?

Use your own Data Collection Form with a Zapier integration.

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An enrolment form (Data Collection Form) is a valuable tool that allows you to collect information from your customers before they can download and install their Membership Card, Loyalty Card, or Coupon. You can create your enrolment form using platforms that have enrolment forms like google forms, WordPress, etc.

One tool that you can use to automate this process is Zapier. By integrating Google Forms and PassKit through Zapier, you can streamline your workflow and generate personalized passes for your customers based on their form submissions.

Note: you are not limited to Zapier to carry out this integration, PassKit also supports the Make platform and has a Mailchimp integration. If you are looking to create your own HTML form, please see the article HERE

Here's a step-by-step guide on how to set up this integration:

To access and log into the Zapier integration page in the PassKit portal, please see the help article HERE

To start, click on the 'Create Zap' button

  • In the Zap editor popup, search for "Google Forms" and select it as the Trigger app.

Choose the Trigger Event as "New Form Response". Follow the prompts to connect your Google Forms account and select the specific form you want to use.

Test the Trigger: Zapier will retrieve sample data from your Google Forms account to ensure the trigger is working correctly. Verify that the test data is accurate and click "Continue" to proceed.

Next step is to choose the Action: In the Zap editor, search for "Passkit Membership" and select it as the Action app.

If requested, follow the prompts to connect your PassKit account to Zapier. This will allow Zapier to interact with your PassKit account

Next configure the specific action you want Zapier to perform in Passkit Membership, such as enrolling a new member and select the program and tier name.

Continue to map the data fields you wish to pass from Google Forms to your membership program. In my example I am using the Display Name field to hold the full name and the Email Address field.

Next step is to test the Action. Verify that the test action is completed successfully .

A successful test will return the Pass ID and the unique URL the member can use to add their card to Wallet.

Once you are done with the test, you can now publish your zap. Don't forget to change the name of the Zap in the top left before publishing.

Now, whenever a new form submission occurs in Google Forms, Zapier will automatically trigger the configured action in Passkit, allowing you to enrol new members based on the form data.

Finally, if you want to ensure users use your enrolment form and not the PassKit form, you can switch of enrolments in the distribution page. This won't affect enrolments from your form either way.

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