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Automate Membership pass creation, management and distribution with Zapier
Automate Membership pass creation, management and distribution with Zapier

Using Zapier to integrate PassKit with a third party app

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What is Zapier?

Zapier is an automation tool that integrates two or more applications. By integrating apps, you can reduce manual work and automate your work flows.

For example, if you are currently creating a member list on Google Sheets by yourself, you can automate this using Zapier. The "Zap" can update the Google Sheets list when the member is enrolled on PassKit.

What Can Be Automated With PassKit Membership Zap

Below is a list of Triggers and Actions available to use with PassKit Membership.

Triggers - These are events that trigger the zap.

Actions - these are the actions that are carried out when the Zap is triggered

How To Set Up Zapier

To access, log in and create your Zaps in the PassKit portal please follow the instructions HERE

Connecting Your Marketing Channels with Zapier

Stripe ➡︎ PassKit Membership

Trigger : A new customer in Stripe

Action : Enrol Member in PassKit Membership

Engage with Subscribed Members

Increasing retention rates are critical for the subscription business. Without developing a mobile app, digital membership pass allows you to establish mobile marketing channel by using Apple Wallet and Google Pay apps. Apple Wallet users can receive push notification and location based messages which is a powerful tool to remind your services.

PassKit Membership ➡︎ Google Sheets

Trigger : New Member Enrolment

Action : Create a new row on Google Sheets

CSV export is available on PassKit dashboard. Instead of exporting the list repeatedly to get a new member records, the zap can automate to update the member list.

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