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Zapier - Issue Membership Card After Payment
Zapier - Issue Membership Card After Payment

Integrate Shopify & PassKit using Zapier to automate membership card issuance after payment.

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  • A Zapier Account - some zaps may require premium apps which require a paid subscription to Zapier

  • A PassKit Account

  • Log in details for the platform/app you are integrating with

  1. To begin with navigate to the Zapier integration page within PassKit

    • First click on the project you wish to integrate with Zapier

    • Next click on Settings at the top of the page from the toolbar

    • Then select integrations from the options provided, depending on the project the integrations may vary but Zapier will be listed, click Zapier to continue

    • If you haven't already integrated with Zapier you will need to log in, you should see a screen similar to below after logging

      There are pre-configured zap templates available for integrating with Stripe or WooCommerce. You can click on these templates to automatically set up the integration. Simply fill in the details of your loyalty/membership program and member information. If needed, add a filter step to verify subscription orders. For further guidance, refer to our help article on using pre-built zap templates here.

  2. Click create Zap and select the payment software as well as the trigger you would like to use

    • In this example I have selected Shopify with the event New Paid Order, but you can change this to the one you are using with a similar event

    • Next you will need to log into the software you are integrating and click continue

    • Test the trigger to bring up sample data to test the next steps

  3. Add a filter step to check if the new order is the purchase of a membership

    • Click on the action step and select Filter by Zapier

    • Configure the filter by selecting the line item's name from the Shopify step and the name of your Membership/Loyalty subscription in the Shopify store. This ensures the step only proceeds if it's a match.

  4. Lastly add the enrol member action

    • Click on the action step and select "PassKit Membership"

    • Log in to your PassKit Account

    • Select the program and tier the member should be enrolled in.

    • Map the fields you would like to be on the pass from the trigger step

    • Test the step to make sure it works

      Congratulations! You've now successfully set up your zap, allowing you to issue a membership card after taking payment.

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