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Automate your PassKit workflows with
Automate your PassKit workflows with

Automate pass issue and updates with Make

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Updated over a week ago is an integration platform that allows you to automate workflows across thousands of apps and services. It's a great way to connect your PassKit account with other tools and systems you use, such as your CRM, marketing automation platform, or eCommerce platform.

Benefits for PassKit customers

There are many benefits to using Make with PassKit, including:

  • Automation: Save time and effort by automating tasks such as creating and distributing passes, managing memberships, and tracking analytics.

  • Personalization: Deliver more personalized experiences to your customers by using data from other apps and services to trigger automated workflows.

  • Efficiency: Improve the efficiency of your team by streamlining workflows and eliminating manual tasks.

  • Scalability: As your business grows, you can easily scale your Make integrations to meet your needs.

Here are some specific examples of how PassKit customers can benefit from using

  • Automate the creation and distribution of passes: Use to automatically create and distribute passes to your customers based on events or actions they take in other apps and services. For example, you could create a pass for a customer who makes a purchase on your eCommerce platform, or a pass for a customer who signs up for your membership program.

  • Manage memberships: Use to automate tasks such as adding and removing members from your PassKit account, updating member information, and sending out membership notifications.

  • Track analytics: Use to connect your PassKit account with your analytics platform so you can track key metrics such as pass issuance, activation, and redemption rates.

Overall, is a powerful integration platform that can help PassKit customers automate workflows, personalize experiences, improve efficiency, and scale their business.

Here are some specific examples of how PassKit customers are using today:

  • A fitness studio uses to automatically issue a pass to new members when they sign up for a membership.

  • An eCommerce company uses to automatically send a pass to customers who purchase a product that includes a digital perk, such as a free event ticket or a loyalty card.

  • A restaurant uses to automatically update the loyalty points on a customer's pass when they make a purchase.

  • A conference uses to automatically send out a pass to attendees who register for the event.

These are just a few examples of the many ways that PassKit customers can use to automate their workflows and improve the customer experience.

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