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How much does it cost to use Make?
How much does it cost to use Make?

Make pricing is based on the number of operations you automate

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Make offers free plans when you use less than 1,000 operations per month. If you use more than 1,000 operations pricing starts at $9 per month. You can find our more here:

If you sign up using this link you will get 1 month of the Pro plan (up to 10,000 operations per month) for free.

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What is an operation?

An Operation is a task performed by Make when executing your scenarios. Regardless of how many bundles a trigger retrieves, every time a trigger is run, it is considered as 1 operation. Every time an action performs a task, it is counted as 1 operation.

Every time a module in a scenario performs an action, it counts as an operation. Examples that count as operations:

  • read data from an app or webhook

  • search for data in an app

  • create data in an app

  • update data in an app

  • delete data from an app

  • transform data using the built-in tools

  • aggregate a row of data into an array or text

  • iterate a row of data

Depending on the complexity of the process you’re automating, your scenario can perform anywhere from two operations to thousands of operations in a single run.

Suppose, for example, you have a scenario that shall retrieve a persons membership information from your CRM and creates a membership card in PassKit and then sends the card via SMS. In order to execute this scenario, for each membership card Make will perform 3 operations (1x retrieving from CRM, 1x creating a pass in PassKit, and 1x sending the Pass URL via SMS).

For more information about scenarios and operations please read the Frequently asked questions on this page:

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