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How to add a Relevant Date using Postman (API)
How to add a Relevant Date using Postman (API)

Add a relevant date to your tickets

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A relevant date can be added to your 'Occurrences', and when enabled a lockscreen notification will be shown for iOS users on that date

Occurrences are different times/venues that the same event will be held. In the API the Occurrence is specified as 'Event'.

We need to follow the process below to add or update the relevant date.

  1. Find your production ID

  2. List Events for your production using the API to find the Event ID

  3. Retrieve the Event record

  4. Add/update the Relevant date

  5. Send the update

1. Find your Production ID

In the portal the Production ID (which the API uses) is called the Event ID. This can be found in the Event Settings Details page, in the breadcrumb, or the URL.

2. Use Postman to List your Events (occurrences)

Find the event (occurrence) you wish to update and copy the ID

3. Retrieve the Event Record

Using the copied ID from the previous step, past the ID into the API endpoint and send the request

4. Add/update the Relevant date

Copy the Event Record and paste it into the "PUT Update Event" body

Edit the line "relevantDate": null

Remove the null value and replace with the date

Example - "relevantDate": "2022-07-10T11:00:55Z"

Note, the event date is added in ISO8601 format

5. Send the update and check

Now, send the update and check it is successful in the response.

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