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Sample Membership Cards, Loyalty Cards, Coupons and Event Tickets

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If you haven't yet saved a pass to your Apple or Google Wallet, we highly recommend trying out our demo passes. Even if you're already familiar with using passes, exploring these demo passes can provide inspiration for incorporating them into your business strategy.

In some of the examples, shortly after saving the pass to your wallet, you'll receive an update for the pass. If you're using an iPhone, you'll be conveniently informed of this update, displayed on your lock screen. This allows you to not only experience how easy it is to acquire a pass but also witness the exciting aspect of pass updates. For instance, you'll see updates when you accumulate more points, change tiers, or redeem a coupon.

All of these passes have been meticulously crafted using our Pass Designer tool.

To explore these sample passes, simply click on the image or the button, and you'll be directed to the sign-up page and pass.

IMPORTANT: These passes are created solely for demonstration purposes. Any resemblance to real brands or entities is purely coincidental.

Loyalty Cards

Store loyalty cards, discount cards and points cards. If an account related to a loyalty card carries a points balance, and/or a tier, the pass can be updated to display the current balance and/or tier.

Membership Cards

Gym membership, identity cards, and other types of membership cards. Each pass usually contains a profile image of the member and is used multiple times to check in, earn points, redeem points, check-out etc.


Coupons, special offers, and other discounts. If an offer has expired, the coupon can be updated with a new offer and expiration date.

Gift Cards

Gift cards are a form of prepaid debit cards loaded with funds for future use. When a purchase is made using a gift card the pass can be updated to display the current balance. A Gift Card is designing using the Loyalty Card Template.

Event Tickets

Entry into concerts, movies, plays, sporting events, or other events. Typically, each pass corresponds to a specific event, but you can also use a single pass for several events as with a season ticket.

Punch / Stamp Cards

The most simplistic loyalty card. For every purchase made, a digital stamp is 'punched' on to the pass. After a predetermined number of purchases, the customer is rewarded with a targeted gift, discount, or exclusive deal. Then they start collecting stamps again.

PassKit has a dedicated solution for creating and managing digital punch cards in Apple and Google Wallet - Loopy Loyalty.

Boarding Passes

Train tickets, airline boarding passes, and other types of transit passes. Each pass usually corresponds to a single trip with a specific starting and ending point. Boarding Passes are designing using the PassKit API.

Policy Passes

Serves as proof of enrollment or active status in an insurance policy. May contain relevant information such as policy number, type of coverage, effective date, and contact details. Typically used for health insurance, but can also be used for other types of policies.

We hope you find these example passes helpful and that they inspire your own pass designs, further enhancing your customers' experience.

If you'd like us to add other examples please let us know.

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