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Digital coupons without POS integration
Digital coupons without POS integration

Learn how to implement the PassKit customer initiated redemption solution for your digital coupons.

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Watch this video to learn how to implement digital coupons and access real time redemption statistics without having to integrate with the Point of Sale (POS).

If you want to know how many coupons have been redeemed, you can look in your PassKit dashboard and look at the number of passes that have been deleted (as per the images below).

Unless you are deleting passes manually, and before redemption;

the number of deleted passes = the number of redeemed coupons

Because as soon as a pass is redeemed it is deleted from the PassKit database.

Before Redemption - note 32 deleted coupons
After redemption - note 33 deleted coupons

You can access the individual coupon data, and status, by visiting the Coupons tab, and then clicking on the Pass Data as shown in the image below:

Redeemed coupons will show a status of PASS_INVALIDATED

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