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How to promote and distribute your passes

Introduction to distributing passes
Setting your project liveAnd what happens when you set it live
Using Twitter to distribute passesshow how to add a link to your pass on Twitter
Using Facebook to distribute passesHow to add a link to your pass on Facebook
Introduction to smartpass linksLearn what SmartPass links are and how to use them
Issue a ticket manuallyStep by Step guide to issue a ticket manually from the 'Tickets' page
Issue a coupon manually.Step by Step guide to issue a coupon from the 'Coupons' page
Enrol a member manuallyStep by Step guide to enrol a member from the 'Members' page
Enrol members from Google SheetsEnrol and email digital membership cards from Google Sheets
Go Live ChecklistWhat items should you check before distributing passes.
Acquire new customers by enabling sharing for Apple Wallet & Google Wallet passesUnderstand how pass sharing functionality works in Apple Wallet and Google Pay, and how you can leverage it to acquire new customers.