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Introduction to distributing passes
Introduction to distributing passes
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Getting passes into Wallet is easy. You can distribute them in your app, via email, via messaging, on the web or even by scanning a QR code. Users can add a pass without installing a related app, or add a pass that doesn't have a related app at all. If there is an app, and the user does not currently have the app installed, they can install it directly from the pass.

Customers can:

  • Scan a QR code (near or in-store)

  • Tap a link on a website

  • Tap a link on social media pages

  • Tap a link in an online ad

  • Receive an email or SMS

The example shown is a customer receiving an email and then adding their pass to their wallet.

PassKit automatically detects the device and presents the correct pass type with the correctly styled Add to Wallet badge. i.e. Add to Apple Wallet for iOS users, and Add to Google Wallet for Android users.

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