Follow these simple instructions to invalidate your pass records.

Executables can be downloaded here: (compiled for Mac, Linux and Windows) and includes a CSV sample file.

Use the command line application to invalidate pass records.

Follow the instructions in the video above. The key steps are as follows

  • Download the CSV Invalidator tool and the CSV template
  • Input all the PassIDs you want to invalidate in the CSV file
  • Save the CSV file to the same folder as the executable
  • Run the executable
  • Enter your API Key and Secret
  • Input the CSV path (recommended that the file is in the same folder as the executable as then you can simply enter the file name)
  • The Pass Records (that are listed in the CSV file) will be invalidated - important.. please make sure the CSV ONLY contains pass IDs that you wish to invalidate. ¬†Once a pass has been invalidated it cannot be retrieved.
  • After invalidation is completed, the application will output a results file in the same folder. This CSV file contains the results of the invalidation, including time stamp.

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