Why migrate?

CherryPie is no longer under active development. It will be deprecated in near future so it worth considering to migrate to the PassKit Platform. This article outlines steps on how to do successful migration from CheeryPie to the PassKit Platform.

1. Sketch out your migration plan

If you have active coupons...

  • Instead of starting a new campaign on CherryPie, we recommend creating it on the PassKit Platform.

If you have active loyalty members...

  • Notify with push notification - Create the new program on the PassKit Platform, then send the enrolment URL to existing members by push notification.

  • Hashed SmartPass Links - This is a pass issue link which contains encrypted customer data so the link can issue their pass simply by clicking the link. To generate the link, you will need customer data you want to display on a pass. For more details on how to generate SmartPass Links, this articles explains how to generate links from CSV .

2. Set Your Programs (Coupon Version)

Campaigns are called Project on the PassKit Platform. Let's start from creating Project (Campaign).

Project Starter Wizard will guide you to set up Assets, Template, and Campaigns all at once.

The above screenshot is the first step to set your Campaign Name, Pass Issuer Name and Timezone. There are default values set for you, so you can simply click Next to continue. There are 12 steps you might find a lot but it covers Assets, Template and Campaign all at once so you can create Campaign much faster.

The above is image upload example included in the wizard.

The wizard assists you to set up the basic information. You can edit Google Pay and Apple Wallet designs on the design page.

To edit the template design, select your Project > Designs > select Edit Unredeemed Design or Edit Redeemed Design.

The above is comparison of Unredeemed Design page. On the design page, you can select pass contents to edit from the left menu and Google or Apple design from the top menu. After make a change, please click Save Design on right bottom.

Similarly, the above is the comparison of Redeemed Design Page.

3. Set Your Programs (Membership Version)

Click New Project and let's start create a membership pass.

Select a Loyalty Cards or Membership Cards. Loyalty Cards have the Store Card template (shows strip image). Membership Cards have Membership template (shows thumbnail image).

The wizard will guide you to set Program, Image Assets and Tiers. You can edit the design and the enrolment page on the designer page.

To go to the design page, select Project > click Designs (on top menu) > click Edit Design of the tier.

On the designer page, you can edit Google Pay and Apple Wallet designs.

4. Create Certificate

You can download CSR and upload certificate from Certificate (top right corner menu) > click Add Certificate.

5. Put In Credit Card Details

If you have not registered you credit card, you will be notified by portal. To update your account billing, go to Billing > click Upgrade To Premium as below.

6. Launch Program

To go for a live or production, click Project Overview > select Apple Certificate > click Launch Project Live.

7. Update Enrolment Page

To edit fields shown on the enrolment page, go to Project > Distribution > Enrolment Form. You can get the enrolment page URL from the next tab QR Code & Link.

8. Notify Existing Users Of New Pass Enrolment (Loyalty Only)

QR Code and enrolment page URL are available on distribution page. You can can share your enrolment links to migrate members to your new program.

9: Contact Us To Close Your CherryPie account

After the migration, please reach us via Chat Support so that we can terminal your CherryPie account. If you have questions or concerns on migration, please reach us too.

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