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How to add links on passes
How to add links on passes

Adding links to Apple and Google Passes.

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Adding links on passes can help you direct your pass holders to useful and relevant information.

You can link to your website, social media, online store or even make it a single tap to send you an email or give you a call. Think of these links as super bookmarks.

The difference between Apple Wallet and Google Wallet links

When creating links Apple and Google approach this differently.

Apple Wallet

Links can be added to any field on the back of the pass. They cannot be placed on the front of the pass.

Links are automatically detected and made 'clickable'. As well as web links the following information will also be made 'clickable' when detected.

  • Telephone numbers

  • Email addresses

  • Addresses

Google Wallet

Links can be placed in a dedicated section on the pass. The types of links that can be used are,

  • Web

  • Telephone

  • Email

  • Location

  • Calendar

How to add links on Google Wallet passes

Open your design to the Google Pay section, and click on the 'add field' icon

Click on 'Add present fields' to expand the options.

Drag a 'link' field into the details section of the card.

Complete the link details in the box on the right.

Make sure to to click save at the top right to save your link.

Use the following prefixes for different link types:

Link Type





Phone Number








The format for Google Wallet follows the URI standard. If you want to learn more about the URI (Uniform Resource Identifier) standard please visit Wikipedia here.

How to re-order links on Google Wallet passes.

To change where your links show in the Details section, you can just drag them into the new position.

Creating simple links in Apple Wallet

Apple will automatically create 'clickable' links when it recognises certain text.

  1. URL's starting with https://

  2. Correctly formatted telephone numbers

  3. Addresses

A link can be added to to any field on the back of the pass.

First, Open your design to the Apple Wallet section, and click on the 'add field' icon

Click on 'Add present fields' to expand the options.

Add a new Customised Field by dragging it into place on the back of the pass and add the name and label.

Now we can add the links. In this example I will add all my links in the same field 'Links'

Tel: +61 2 9250 7111
Address: Bennelong Point, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia

Make sure to click save.

I have installed a pass in Apple Wallet, you can see the three links are clickable.

Creating 'pretty' links in Apple Wallet using HTML

Google Wallet allows the use of <a> tags to create links using HTML.


Instead of showing the full link ''

we can use the following HTML.

<a href="">Visit our website</a>

This will then show as,

Visit our website ( try it! )

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