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Using the barcode security animation feature
Using the barcode security animation feature

Add an additional layer of security to Google Wallet passes

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Note: This feature is only available for Google Wallet passes

In Google Wallet passes, barcode security animation is a subtle animation effect that adds an extra layer of security to barcodes displayed on your phone.

It helps prevent unauthorized use by adding a human-verification element that's difficult to replicate with screenshots or static images. Here's how it works:

What it looks like:

  • Imagine a shimmering, rainbow-colored outline around the barcode in your Google Wallet pass. This animated border pulses and shifts as you tilt or move your phone.

  • The animation only activates when the device is physically moved, ensuring it's not just a pre-recorded video or image.

How it helps:

  • Prevents screenshot abuse: Static barcode images can be easily captured and misused. The dynamic nature of the animation makes it hard to accurately replicate with a screenshot, deterring potential fraudsters.

  • Human-verification: When presented for redemption or validation, the moving animation confirms the pass is actively displayed on a phone and not a static image, adding a trust factor for merchants or event staff.

  • Additional layer of security: While not the sole security measure, it complements other features like rotating barcodes (where the barcode itself changes periodically) and NFC technology to enhance overall pass security.

Enabling the barcode security animation

Step 1 - Navigate to your pass design, and with the Google Design selected click on the barcodes tab.

Step 2 - Use the toggle to enable Security Animation

Overall, barcode security animation in Google Wallet passes is a subtle but effective way to improve security and prevent unauthorized use. It complements existing features and provides a visual cue for both users and merchants, adding an extra layer of trust and confidence to digital passes.

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