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How long does it take to go live?
How long does it take to go live?

Planning the time from idea to implementation.

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It depends on your deployment scope and the level of integration with your existing systems.

Our mission is to allow you to design and produce your first personalised passes within 15 minutes. You will of course want to tweak the design and the look of the pass. Indeed, it's an ongoing exercise - the same as you want to optimise your website and email designs.

Typically what takes the time - especially with larger corporates - is securing management buy-in and sign off (depending on discretionary budget)

Deploying/training operations staff can also take a little time. It is important that "on the ground staff" know that passes are accepted (as a coupon, or as a membership card) and what they need to do when a customer presents their Pass to take a real world action. As a general rule of thumb, the more branches or stores you want the Pass to be accepted at, the more time it may take.

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