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Using NFC Passes to activate an application
Using NFC Passes to activate an application

A short video demonstration of how NFC passes can be used to activate / trigger an application

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Nick Murray, PassKit's Co-Founder and CTO, talks us through how you can make use of NFC enabled Passes (and the Apple VAS and Google Pay protocol) to activate / trigger an application.

Apologies for slightly poor picture quality.. we will look to republish shortly. But hopefully this helps address the majority of your questions if you are considering leveraging NFC Passes to activate your applications (and/or hardware).

Please note that all shown in this video is for demonstration purposes only. The final solution you develop and implement using the PassKit will depend on your objectives, the customer experience, your hardware and network constraints, and your deployment scale, timeline and budget.

If you already have your requirements scoped, and would like to engage our advisory and integration services team please send your formal RFP (Request for Proposal) to

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