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Configuring a PiP reader to read the sample NFC pass on Windows
Configuring a PiP reader to read the sample NFC pass on Windows

PiP configuration to read sample PassKit NFC pass on Apple Wallet and Google Pay

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Prerequisites :

Step 1 : Download ID TECH SDK Demo file

On the .NET App Page, download dot NET SDK

Step 2 : Launch the ID Tech SDK Demo Setup

Run the the dot NET SDK and launch the SDK Demo app.

Step 3 : Connect a PiP reader

Connect your PiP reader. You can see your firmware version under Commands > Device > Firmware Version.

Step 4 : Configure Private Keys and other variables

Set Command (black arrow), Sub command (pink arrow) and Data (brown arrow) for following variables.

1.Set Merchant (Pass Type ID, Required)
Cmd: 04
Sub: 11
Data: 010103b57cdb3eca0984ba9abdc2fb45d86626d87b39d33c5c6dbbc313a6347a31460000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000

2.Set Private Key Apple (Required)
Cmd: C7
Sub: 66
Data: 3d1547f23cd78ad052a58860f1219e8fb791ec4dfe33769f5b9bfa627a656ca1

3.Set Google Private Key (Required)
Cmd: C7
Sub: 65
Data: 000000013d1547f23cd78ad052a58860f1219e8fb791ec4dfe33769f5b9bfa627a656ca1

4.Set Google Collector ID (Required)
Cmd: 04
Sub: 03
Data: ffe4018edfee3c00dfee3d00dfef2500dfed0100dfed02050000000001dfed030103dfed040101dfed050101dfed060100dfed070100dfed27010adfed3f0102dfed490100dfef770100dfee3b0400cc29bc

5.Set VAS Params (Required)
Cmd: 04
Sub: 03
Data: ffe40100ffee06159f220201009f260400C00000df010103dfee010105dfde490101dfef7a0101ffee080fdfed030103dfed280100dfef1a010a

6.Set VAS Decrypt Flag and VAS Mode Only (Required)
Cmd: 04
Sub: 00
Data: dfed3f0102dfde490101

7.Set Keyboard Mode (Simple Output, Optional)
Cmd: 01
Sub: 12
Data: 02

Now your PiP reader is ready to ready the PassKit sample NFC pass.

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