Use the PassKit developer toolkit to integrate passes into your applications

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How to get started as a developerAuthentication and accessing the PassKit SDK and developer documentation
Why do you recommend using SDK's?The primary benefit of interacting with PassKit over gRPC is speed and efficiency.

Using Long-Lived API Tokens
Enrolling a member with a Thumbnail imageUsing Postman and a base64 encoded image
Authenticate REST Requests using JWTHow to authenticate REST Requests to the PassKit API using JSON Web Tokens
Membership Protocol: Filtering, Listing and Counting by APIFilter programs, tiers and members by API.
Coupon Protocol: Filtering, Listing and Counting by APIFilter campaigns, offers and coupons by API.
Pass Templates, Locations, Beacons & Links: Filtering, Listing and Counting by APIFilter templates, locations, beacons and links by API
Using custom fields with your Membership or Loyalty ProgramCustomise the data of your membership or loyalty program to fit your member profiles.
Self redemption pages for couponsDesign beautiful and engaging self redemption paper and redeem your coupons without the need of POS integration
Create Boarding Passes for Apple Wallet and Google Pay By APIUse the PassKit API to set up your Flights and Boarding Passes for Apple Wallet & Google Pay.
Issuing event tickets at scaleIssuing event tickets using the PassKit API and automatically creating events
Create an event ticket for Apple Wallet and Google Pay by PassKit APIIssue your event tickets and send it to your customer by email.
2 Steps to Call PassKit API from Google App ScriptPassKit API token generation script for GAS and an example
MySQL Setup InstructionsHow to connect your MySQL database to PassKit
"Token used before issued" ErrorHow to resolve the API call error "token used before issued"