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Create Boarding Passes for Apple Wallet and Google Pay By API
Create Boarding Passes for Apple Wallet and Google Pay By API

Use the PassKit API to set up your Flights and Boarding Passes for Apple Wallet & Google Pay.

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Note: Apple Certificate is required for issuing both Test and Production boarding pass.

1. Create Image Assets

Image assets represent images displayed on a boarding pass. Required images for boarding pass are:


You can either send a base64 string or a URL to an image on the web.

"name": "passkit air",
"imageData": {
"icon": "base_64_or_image_url", // 87 x 87 px
"logo": "base_64_or_image_url", // 660 x 660px
"appleLogo": "base_64_or_image_url", // <=450 x 150px
"appImage": "base_64_or_image_url" // 300 x 200 px

On a Mac, you can convert image to base64 and copy the contents to the clipboard with the command below:

cat path/to/image.png | base64 | pbcopy 

On Windows, you can convert an image to a base64 text file with the following command:

certutil -encode path/to/image.png base64Image.txt

2. Create Template

Template holds images, fields, barcode, and colour settings. You will need image Ids created in Step 1. A sample template payload is available on Postman and in our Documentation.

3. Upload An Apple Certificate

An Apple Certificate is required to issue Apple Wallet boarding passes.

4. Create Departure Airport

Airport information allows you to control how airport names are displayed on the pass.

"iataAirportCode": "HKG",
"icaoAirportCode": "VHHH",
"cityName": "Hong Kong",
"localizedCityName": {
"translations": {
"JA": "香港"
"airportName": "Hong Kong International Airport",
"localizedAirportName": {
"translations": {
"JA": "香港国際空港"
"countryCode": "HK",
"timezone": "Asia/Hong_Kong"

Airport object is reusable so you do not create one if you have registered a certain airport already.

5. Create Destination Airport

Follow the step 4 to register your destination airport if the destination airport is not created before.

6. Create Carrier

Carrier information is required for each Carrier Code that you wish to issue boarding pass for.

"iataCarrierCode": "PK",
"icaoCarrierCode": "PKT",
"iataAccountingCode": 0,
"airlineName": "PassKit Air",
"localizedAirlineName": {
"translations": {
"JA": "パスキット航空"
"passTypeIdentifier": ""

You will need a certificate id you create at Step 3 for passTypeIdentifier field.

7. Create Flight Designator

Flight designator holds Flight information. You can also set location (GPS) messages, URL links and beacon messages. Check our Postman sample or Documentation.

8. Issue A Boarding Pass

Boarding pass contains flight and passenger information. Here is a part of payload.

"operatingCarrierPNR": "PK8F8R7",
"ticketNumber": "0411234567890",
"boardingPoint": "HKG",
"deplaningPoint": "LHR",
"carrierCode": "PK",
"flightNumber": "1234",
"departureDate": {
"year": 2020,
"month": 12,
"day": 1
"passenger": {
"passengerDetails": {
"surname": "James",
"forename": "Jules",
"gender": "MALE"
"identityDetails": {
"identityDocument": "PASSPORT",
"issuingCountry": "GB",
"nationality": "British National",
"documentNumber": "5432800398",
"dateOfBirth": {
"year": 1975,
"month": 1,
"day": 8
"gender": "MALE",
"issuedDate": {
"year": 2013,
"month": 9,
"day": 3
"expiryDate": {
"year": 2023,
"month": 9,
"day": 2
"withInfant": false
"class": "Starter",
"compartmentCode": "Y",
"seatNumber": "32A",
"sequenceNumber": 28,
"freeBaggageAllowance": "0K",
"carryOnAllowance": "7K",
"ssrCodes": [
"passengerStatus": "ISSUED_CHECKED_IN",
"additionalDataItems": {
"items": {
"boardingTimeMessage": "Get on board quick or we'll leave without you",
"counterCloseMessage": "Counter closes 45 minutes before departure.",
"counterOpenMessage": "Counter opens 180 minutes before departure.",
"fareType": "Starter",
"gateNotice": "Watch the screens - things change!"

Now you have successfully created your boarding pass!

Need further customisation?

If you have any questions on customising your boarding pass, please free to reach us through Online Chat or contact us at

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