1. Create A Ticket Template

Ticket template determines the design of the event ticket. Let's use our default template for this demo.

POST https://api.pub1.passkit.io/template

After you POST the sample template JSON to the https://api.pub1.passkit.io/template, you will receive a Template ID which you will need it to issue a ticket.

Response would looks like this.

"id": "2zIk4vKa2ma0rVnsbxtmqs"

2. Issue A Ticket

Let's issue an event ticket. Template ID goes to ticketType.beforeRedeemPassTemplateId. If you would like to send an Event Pass URL, please set a destination at person.emailAddress.

POST https://api.pub1.passkit.io/eventTickets/ticket/id

"ticketNumber": "tt000002",
"event": {
"production": {
"uid": "WineFestival2020",
"name": "Wine&Dine",
"status": [
"distributionSettings": {
"distributionChannels": [
"venue": {
"uid": "SUPERARENA",
"name": "Super Arena",
"address": "Peninsula Square, Greenwich Peninsula, London SE10 0DX, United Kingdom",
"timezone": "Europe/London"
"scheduledStartDate": "2020-12-15T16:00:00Z"
"ticketType": {
"uid": "ADULT",
"name": "Adult (Regular)",
"beforeRedeemPassTemplateId": "2zIk4vKa2ma0rVnsbxtmqs"
"orderNumber": "000001",
"seatInfo": {
"seat": "1",
"row": "B",
"section": "CENTER",
"gate": "SOUTH"
"faceValue": {
"amount": 120,
"currency": "USD"
"person": {
"surname": "Wills",
"forename": "Jean",
"salutation": "Ms",
"displayName": "J. Willis",
"gender": "FEMALE",
"emailAddress": "", <=== Please set email to send the ticket
"mobileNumber": "+4464596909"
"optOut": "OFF"

Response would look like this.

"ticketId": "0pokxJzEqc0yCEqfwZpuKu",
"productionId": "5xTF0MshxeeTizay08PseI",
"venueId": "44egWIf8272HQZzNXdZdjo",
"ticketTypeId": "5StEnK6MwrkU8PbMefxc10",
"eventId": "4OxgygHJJfZMUJwwb6T4Ej"

You can view or install a ticket at https://pass.midori.kube.pk/TICKET_ID (i.e. https://pub1.pskt.io/0pokxJzEqc0yCEqfwZpuKu).

Need Further Customisation?

Template Designs

If you would like to have simple design with Venue and Date, the default designs is available here.

GET https://api.pub1.passkit.io/template/data/102/1

If you would like to have face value field, Paid Ticket default design is available here.

GET https://api.pub1.passkit.io/template/data/102/2


PassKit Official Event Ticketing Documentation

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