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Introduction to smartpass links
Introduction to smartpass links

Learn what SmartPass links are and how to use them

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Once you've completed the design of a pass template, you have the option to pre-generate SmartPass links at no extra cost.

What are smartpass links

Passkits' SmartPass Link feature provides a convenient way to generate URLs that can contain personalized data that can be used to create a pass, without having to utilize PassKit APIs. With SmartPass, you can generate an unlimited number of links without the need to create a pass record in the PassKit database. This means that any SmartPass link you create will not count towards your pass volume subscription. It is completely free.

With this feature, you can create personalized passes for Apple Wallet and Google Pay, without the need to use PassKit APIs. When your user clicks on the SmartPass link, a pass is generated in passkit, and the user can proceed to install it on their device.

SmartPass links come in two types: encrypted and hashed. Encrypted links contain data that only our system can decrypt and are not visible to the naked eye. In contrast, hashed links contain data along with a signature that allows us to verify the data's integrity. While hashed links provide some level of security, we recommend using encrypted links as they are ultimately more secure since the entire payload is encrypted.

Generating SmartPass links can be done in two ways. You can either create them from a CSV file, our API or utilize the command line tool.

Here are some helpful resources to help you get started with smartpass links

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