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Enrol members from Google Sheets
Enrol members from Google Sheets

Enrol and email digital membership cards from Google Sheets

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If you meet any, or all, of the following criteria this instruction guide is for you:

  • You have a list of members (either in CSV format or the ability to get them in a CSV/spreadsheet format)

  • You want to create and email digital membership cards to all, or some, of them

  • You are not a developer, and have no access developers

  • You do not have time (or patience) to manually enrol each member one by one in the PassKit portal

To proceed you must have the following:

  • A PassKit account with a membership card already designed

  • A Premium Zapier account with this Zap

  • Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel

  • Approximately 10-15 minutes of time

N.B. This may look like a long set of instructions but it's mostly images. Recommend reading through it from top to bottom and you'll see how easy it is.

Step 1.

Finish designing your membership card design. Make sure your program is live and that you have a Pass Type identifier assigned to your program.

Confirm the welcome email is on and has the correct content in the email.

Step 2.

Enrol a member manually by clicking on ADD MEMBER and enter details of a test member.

For this test member use your email address, or an email address you can access.

Step 3

Confirm you have received the email and the digital membership card looks exactly as you expect. Taking particular note to the values on the card.

We strongly recommend you check on both iPhone and Android.

Membership email and digital membership card in iPhone
Membership email and digital membership card in Android

If anything is not as you expect, go back and change what you need in the design tab, the distribution tab or the settings tab.

Do not proceed until you are happy with the design of the card, the design of the email and you have the fields and data as you want in PassKit.


Step 4:

From the Members table click EXPORT CSV. There will be only 1 record but you need this to get the correct column headings for your CSV.

Step 5:

Open Google Sheets and start a new spreadsheet

and open the CSV file you just downloaded

Rename the file and the sheet to something more memorable.

Renaming a Google Sheet spreadsheet and sheet

Step 6:

Type in, or copy across your members details. You need to ensure that your members details are in the correct format for PassKit to read.

For the double confirmation in Step 8.2 make sure you copy and paste the Member.ProgramID value in every row.

Google Spreadsheet with member records

Step 7:

Enter 'pending' in the first column (the column titled Member.Id). This column refers to the ID given to a member from PassKit.

'pending' (or whatever term you use) means a membership card has not been issued from PassKit. Once the pass is issued then this Zap will replace 'pending' with the unique pass identifier from PassKit.

Your sheet will look something like this:

Step 8:

Time to set up the Zap. Use this Zap; connect your accounts and configure the fields to match with your membership program.

This Zap will process a row on the spreadsheet and create a digital membership card in PassKit using the information in each column. It will repeat this until it gets to the bottom of the list.

As each member is enrolled, PassKit will send the welcome email with the link to their card (assuming you have elected to have a welcome email sent).

It's basically automating Step 2 of this process. If you have more than 10 members to process at one time then using this Zap will save you time.

The following 6 sub steps instruct how to set up the Zap.

Step 8.1

Set up your trigger (Catch Hook) and skip the test. We will come back to this later.

Step 8.2

Choose your Google Drive, Spreadsheet and Worksheet.

Make sure the Lookup Column is Member.Id and type 'pending' in the Lookup Value (or whatever term you have used in your sheet).

This Zap also checks that the the ProgramId matches, so copy and paste your ProgramId from the Spreadsheet. You do not have to use this Supporting Lookup value but it's good practice to check to confirm this is also correct before proceeding.

Click Test and Continue.

Step 8.3

This Zap checks if an email address exists. If there's an email address in the row then it continues. If not then the Zap will stop. So it is critical that every member has an email address else the Zap will stop. With no email address in the row the Zap will conclude that it's got to the end of the list.

Step 8.4

Carefully map the required PassKit membership fields to the data in your Google Spreadsheet.

In this example there are multiple tiers so the Tier is mapped to the TierId column in the spreadsheet. If you are enrolling all members to the same tier then you can choose the tier you want in Zapier.

Ensure all fields required for your digital membership cards are mapped correctly to your spreadsheet data.

You do not need to map every field but you must map the fields that PassKit needs to create and send the digital membership cards.

Test to confirm it is set up correctly and continue.

IMPORTANT: This test will actually create a PassKit membership card and email the card. If you do not want to send the digital membership card to a member yet, make sure the first few rows of the spreadsheet are test data (and put your email in as the email address).

Step 8.5

Make sure the row is the row ID from Step 8.2.

If you ran the test in Step 8.4 the PassKit Member ID will then show. As illustrated in the image.

Go ahead and test this step. Open your Google Sheet and you will see the word 'pending' has been replaced with the PassKit ID.

Step 8.6

Copy the custom webhook URL from Step 8.1 and post it in the URL field; as shown in the image.

Step 9.

Turn the Zap On!

Step 10.

If you are happy you have all the members in your spreadsheet then it's time to start this Zap going row by row.

Copy the trigger URL (the same URL we used in Step 9.), copy it in to a browser window and click enter. (obviously ensuring you have internet connection).

Once done you will see this success message

Step 11.

You will now see your spreadsheet is now updated and no longer shows 'pending' in Column A.

And inside your PassKit portal you'll see all the member records. All of your members have also received their welcome email with their personalised digital membership card.


Now, at any time you want to batch create membership cards you can use the same Google Spreadsheet. Enter all the new members details. Visit the same Trigger URL (as in Step 10) in your browser and the Zap will run. For any row that has 'pending' in Column A a digital membership card will be created and emailed to the corresponding email address.

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