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How to email digital membership cards to all your existing members.

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If you meet any, or all, of the following criteria this instruction guide is for you:

  • You have a list of members (either in CSV format or the ability to get them in a CSV/spreadsheet format)

  • You want to create and email digital membership cards to all, or some, of them

  • You are not a developer, and have no access developers

  • You do not have time (or patience) to manually enrol each member one by one in the PassKit portal

To proceed you must have the following:

  • A PassKit account with a membership card already designed

  • Approximately 10-15 minutes of time

N.B. This may look like a long set of instructions but it's mostly images. Recommend reading through it from top to bottom and you'll see how easy it is.

Step 1.

Finish designing your membership card. Make sure your program is live and that you have a Pass Type identifier assigned to your program.

Confirm the welcome email is on and has the correct content in the email.

Step 2.

Enrol a member manually by clicking on ADD MEMBER and enter details of a test member.

For this test member use your email address, or an email address you can access.

Step 3

Confirm you have received the email and the welcome email and the digital membership card looks EXACTLY as you expect. Taking particular note to the values on the card.

We strongly recommend you check on both iPhone and Android.

Membership email and digital membership card in iPhone
Membership email and digital membership card in Android

If anything is not as you expect, go back and change what you need in the design tab, the distribution tab or the settings tab. And then re-test.

Do not proceed until you are happy with the design of the card, the design of the email and you have the fields and data as you want in PassKit.


Step 4:

From the Members table click IMPORT CSV and a pop up will appear.

Click on Download CSV Template and a CSV file will download to your computer automatically.

Step 5:

Open the CSV file you just downloaded.

Type in, or copy across, your members details. You need to ensure that your members details are in the correct format for PassKit to read.

TOP TIP: Create a CSV file with just one member (i.e. one row) and then complete Step 6 to 9. Confirm the import worked and then come back to this Step and create a CSV file for all the other members.

Step 6:

Drag and drop your newly created CSV file in the popup window. And when you are ready click on the UPLOAD MEMBERS button.

IMPORTANT: If your program is configured to send a welcome email, as soon as your click UPLOAD MEMBERS and receive a success message all members will be uploaded and a welcome email will be sent to every email address in the CSV file.

Step 7:

You will receive an email with 2 files:

  • success.csv and

  • error.csv

The success file will have a new column containing the pass id for the new member. The failure csv will have a column that states the error.

The members in the error.csv file have not been uploaded to PassKit. For each row you need to review the error and correct the problem in a new CSV file. Once corrected repeat step 6. You should repeat Step 6 until the error.csv file has no rows (i.e. no errors and all your members have been successful imported).


Now, at any time you want to import more members you can use the same CSV file. Simply overwrite all the rows you have already imported with the new members information.

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