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Are digital membership cards better than plastic membership cards?
Are digital membership cards better than plastic membership cards?
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First, lets think about this from the members point of view.  These days there are a number of different plastic cards can easily fill up a wallet or a purse, dragging down the back of your trousers or making that purse seem like a brick. 

Wouldn't it be better if all of those cards could be stored in a persons mobile phone?  Of course!  

If the member is going to your club or organisation, it doesn't matter if they forget their wallet, because you can bet they won't forget their phone!!!

Now from you, as the issuers, point of view.  The cost of physically creating these cards, posting them to members... etc is high compared to a digitally created card.  If the member accidentally deletes their card from mobile wallet, you just email a link.. no need to create a new card and post it to them.

Also, the experience is rich for the member, they can receive notifications on their log screen with news or special offers, easily find your organisations contact details and use their card straight from their phone.

From PassKit's point of view - we want you as our customer!  It also helps with our long term vision and mission to deliver connected online to offline experiences, including a rich digital membership card experience.

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