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Can I sort my rows by personal information
Can I sort my rows by personal information
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There is currently no way to sort the rows in the PassKit Portal web application when trying to sort by personal information. This is because all personal information (PII) is encrypted in the PassKit database. (This prevents hackers from being able to easily access personal data and a requirement for GDPR).

Unfortunately, there is no way to perform an 'order-by' query on encrypted data without grabbing the entire data set, decrypting each record, sorting it, and then sending back the paginated result. So, at this time, if you want to sort data by Personal Information you need to grab the entire data set by downloading a CSV, and then you can order in your spreadsheet software.

We will continue to investigate if there are scalable solutions to the 'sorting by encrypted data' challenge but for now, I hope this information and suggestion helps you move forward. And in the near term, we will remove the sorting icon on any data headings that contain PII (encrypted data) and therefore cannot be sorted inside the PassKit Portal web application.

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